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Car Accidents in San Francisco County: Statistics, Intersection Data, and More

San Francisco County Car Accident Insights

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Did you know that San Francisco County recorded 39 traffic deaths in December 2022? By September 2023, the number was at 19. These high figures show a major issue with car accidents in the area.

San Francisco is fourth in line for the most traffic deaths and injuries. It follows Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Key Takeaways:

  • San Francisco County sees many car accidents, leading to numerous fatalities and injuries.
  • Teenagers face a higher accident risk. For 16-19 year-olds, it’s almost three times that of drivers 20 and older.
  • San Francisco is third for accidents due to not wearing seatbelts and fifth for speeding-related accidents.
  • Knowing how extensive car accidents are in San Francisco County is key to better road safety.

Prevalence of Car Accidents in San Francisco County

San Francisco County sees a lot of car accidents, including deadly and harmful ones. Every year, about 3,096 car accidents happen here. This puts the county in fourth place for accident numbers, right after Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Speeding is a big cause of these accidents. The city has around 1,330 speeding-related crashes annually. Also, driving after drinking causes a lot of problems, with an average of 358.3 such accidents each year.

Not wearing seat belts adds to the accident risk, making San Francisco third in this accident cause. It shows how important it is to drive safely and follow road rules.

To make roads safer in San Francisco County, we need to know why accidents happen. Fighting speeding, drunk driving, and encouraging everyone to wear seat belts can help. This can make San Francisco County safer for all who travel its roads.

Car Accidents in San Francisco County

San Francisco County Car Accident Statistics

Rank County Number of Fatal and Injury Crashes
1 Sacramento 4,512
2 San Diego 3,742
3 Los Angeles 3,286
4 San Francisco 3,096

Intersection Data in San Francisco County

Looking at intersection data is key for road safety in San Francisco County. It helps find high-risk spots and ways to make traffic safer.

“The intersection of 5th and Market Streets is especially troubling, with many collisions leading to deaths. Market and Mission Streets’ intersections also see many vehicle-pedestrian collisions,” says San Francisco County Traffic Accident Report.

The Mission district’s Mission and Van Ness intersection sees lots of crashes. Despite new lanes and signals, bad accidents happen. The corner of 16th and Portrero also sees many types of crashes, including those with cars, pedestrians, and bikes.

To understand the intersection issues in San Francisco County better, see the table below:

Intersection Type of Collisions Total Incidents
5th and Market Streets Vehicle-Pedestrian 32
Market and Mission Streets Vehicle-Pedestrian 27
Mission and Van Ness Streets Various Collisions 18
16th and Portrero Vehicle-Vehicle, Vehicle-Pedestrian, Vehicle-Bike 24

San Francisco County intersection data

This data lets officials target safety updates and road improvements in risky areas. By focusing on road safety, we can reduce accidents and make San Francisco County streets safer.

Factors Contributing to Car Accidents in San Francisco County

Many factors cause car accidents in San Francisco County. Understanding these can help us make roads safer. Key reasons for accidents include:

Alcohol-Impaired Driving

Alcohol-impaired driving is a major reason for accidents here. In 2022, there were 394 alcohol-related crashes. Alcohol impacts your reaction time, judgment, and coordination.

Drug-Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of drugs also leads to accidents. Last year, over 38 people were in drug-related crashes. Both illegal drugs and prescription meds can impair you.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Bad weather like heavy rain can make driving risky. It can lower visibility and make roads slippery. Drivers should be extra careful and adjust their driving in bad weather.

Occupant Negligence

Not wearing seat belts adds to the danger. Seat belts save lives by reducing injury risk in crashes. Everyone in the car needs to buckle up for safety.

Distracted Driving

Using phones while driving causes many accidents. Looking away from the road even briefly ups the crash risk. It’s important to stay focused on driving and avoid distractions.

Finding a Car Accident Lawyer in San Francisco County

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Car accidents in San Francisco County are a big public safety issue. They lead to many deaths and injuries. Speeding and drunk driving make these accidents more likely. This shows we need better road safety.

Intersection data points out danger spots for people walking and biking. Knowing what causes accidents and where they happen can help us be careful. This is important for staying safe on the roads.

Having a good car accident lawyer is key if you’re in a crash. They help you through the legal stuff and make sure you get paid right. With their help, you can focus on getting better.

We need to tackle car accidents in San Francisco County from all angles. This means solving root problems, putting safety first, and helping victims legally. If we all work together, we can make roads safer and lessen the terrible effects of accidents.


How many car accidents occur in San Francisco County?

Each year, San Francisco County sees a lot of car accidents. On average, 3,096 end in death or injury.

How does San Francisco County rank in terms of car accident fatalities and injury crashes?

In car accident deaths and injuries, San Francisco is fourth. It follows Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

What is the crash rate for teenagers in San Francisco County?

Teenagers face higher accident risks here. For those aged 16-19, the crash rate is almost three times that of drivers over 20.

Which intersections in San Francisco County have a high number of collisions?

Busy intersections like 5th and Market Streets see many vehicle-pedestrian collisions. Market and Mission, along with Mission and Van Ness Streets, are also risky. Another dangerous spot is 16th and Portrero, where vehicles, pedestrians, and bikes often collide.

What are the factors contributing to car accidents in San Francisco County?

Several factors lead to accidents here. These include driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, bad weather, not wearing seat belts, and using phones while driving.

Where can I find a car accident lawyer in San Francisco County?

A: RMD Law Personal Injury Attorneys focus on injury lawsuits. They can help navigate the legal side of accidents.

What should I do in the event of a car accident in San Francisco County?

If you’re in an accident, safety comes first. Get medical help if you need it.Exchange information with others involved, document everything, and call a trusted car accident lawyer for advice.

How can I seek compensation for a car accident in San Francisco County?

After an accident, talking to a car accident lawyer is a smart step. They’ll guide you in legal matters and help fight for your rights. They work on collecting evidence, dealing with insurance, and potentially taking your case to court.

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