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Workplace issues like injustices and legal fights are quite usual. In our competitive job scene, knowing your rights is key. Matern Law Group, PC can help with this. This team of Newport Beach employment lawyers offers top-notch legal advice and help. They deal with cases like harassment, discrimination, wrongful firing, and not being paid right. The group at Matern Law Group is ready to back you up and defend your rights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Workplace injustices and legal disputes are more common than you might think.
  • Matern Law Group, PC is a dedicated team of Newport Beach employment lawyers.
  • They have expertise in various areas of employment law, including workplace harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage theft.
  • Their mission is to empower their clients, fight for their rights, and achieve the most favorable outcomes.
  • Located in Newport Beach, they serve clients throughout California.

Expert Employment Law Services in Newport Beach

Matern Law Group offers top-notch employment law services in Newport Beach. Our team knows a lot about court cases and provides many solutions for your legal needs. We aim to handle your legal problems well and resolve disputes efficiently.

Our lawyers have a lot of experience and are great at dealing with legal issues. We get employment law and make good plans to keep your rights safe. We aim to offer affordable legal help that works out best for you.

We focus on solving legal disputes by paying close attention to each case. Our services are made to fit your exact needs and give you the best court case solutions. We’re all about giving you great legal support in Orange County and making the process smooth and effective.

Choosing Matern Law Group means you have excellent lawyers working for you. We are all about getting you results and top-level legal help. With our skills in managing legal issues and making legal services efficient, you can feel sure about handling employment law challenges.

Efficient Dispute Resolution Solutions

We aim to solve legal problems fast and get you great results. We know settling disputes quickly and affordably matters. Our skilled lawyers use smart strategies to simplify everything. They help with workplace issues, being fired wrongfully, and more.

Count on our dispute resolution services to take good care of your case. We look for solutions that match your goals. Our lawyers know how to work the legal system and stand up for your rights.

Matern Law Group is all about providing excellent employment law help that focuses on speed, saving money, and getting the best outcomes. Trust us as your ally in solving legal problems and defending your rights in Newport Beach and other places.

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Comprehensive Legal Representation in Newport Beach

Matern Law Group specializes in a wide variety of employment law issues. They have a team skilled in areas such as workplace harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and more. This includes cases on overtime, wage theft, and missed breaks, along with family and medical leave issues.

They’re experts in whistleblower cases, class actions, consumer rights, data privacy, environmental law, and securities fraud. With their deep knowledge, Matern Law Group can tackle complex legal challenges. They know the details of each case. This lets them help clients move through the legal process to reach their goals.

Workplace Harassment

If you’ve faced workplace issues like harassment, wrongful termination, or wage theft, Matern Law Group is here to help. They aim to create a fair work environment for everyone. They work hard to ensure their clients get the justice they deserve.

Matern Law Group cares deeply about their clients. They listen to what clients need and customize their support. Their focused care means clients can feel confident their case is well-managed.

Need help with an employment law issue? Reach out to Matern Law Group. Their experienced lawyers are ready to guide and support you. They aim to protect your rights and help you win your case.

Serving Clients in Orange County, CA

Looking for top-notch legal help in Orange County? Matern Law Group is your go-to. They’re known for their committed support to both people and businesses. They offer personal and effective legal help all around the area.

They are based in Newport Beach, California, and they help clients in Orange County and nearby. They know the local laws well. This means they can tackle lots of different legal problems smartly and accurately.

It’s key to pick lawyers who get the local scene and are known for winning. Matern Law Group is a top pick in Irvine for this reason. They’ve helped many clients successfully which makes them reliable for many in the area.

For those who like easy access and helpful info, check out Matern Law Group’s site, It’s packed with details on employment law and helps you find the right lawyer fast.

Matern Law Group is known for being exceptional in Irvine. You can count on them for legal concerns. Reach out to them for a meeting. See for yourself the great legal services they offer.


Orange Litigation Dispute Resolution Services offers top-notch help for legal issues. They can assist with employment law, dispute resolution, or general advice. The skilled lawyers at Matern Law Group will guide and advocate for you. Their expertise in Orange County, CA, ensures high-quality legal support.

To start solving your legal problems, call today at 949-996-9546. A consultation is your first step toward effective resolution.


What areas of employment law does Matern Law Group specialize in?

Matern Law Group focuses on many parts of employment law. This includes workplace harassment and discrimination. It also covers wrongful termination, wage theft, and missed meal and rest breaks. They handle family and medical leave, protect whistleblowers, manage class actions, and more.

What types of legal issues can Matern Law Group handle?

Matern Law Group deals with complicated issues beyond employment law. These involve consumer protection and data privacy. They also work with environmental law and securities fraud.

Where is Matern Law Group located?

Matern Law Group is in Newport Beach, California. They serve clients all over Orange County.

How can Matern Law Group help me with my legal issues?

Matern Law Group gives complete legal help and expert advice in employment law. Their team guides individuals and businesses through legal challenges. They offer personalized solutions, focus on each client’s needs, and aim for cost-effective outcomes.

How can I contact Matern Law Group?

To get a consultation, call Matern Law Group at 949-996-9546.

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