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Did you know that accidents at red and yellow lights happen a lot in Los Angeles? They are a main reason for car accidents in the city. These accidents can cause injuries or even death. That’s why it’s important to get a lawyer if you’re in such an accident.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Red and yellow light accidents are a major problem in Los Angeles, causing numerous car accidents and injuries.
  • Super Attorneys Of Irvine are experienced injury lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases and can maximize the compensation you deserve.
  • Seeking legal representation is crucial after a traffic accident to ensure your rights are protected and to navigate the complex legal process.
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  • Act quickly and seek legal assistance to ensure that your rights are protected after a traffic accident in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Intersection Accident Statistics

Intersections in Los Angeles are a big risk for traffic accidents. The Federal Highway Administration says about 40% of all US accidents happen at intersections. In Los Angeles, they’re even more common. In 2016, there were 794 deadly car crashes. So, 40% of intersection accidents in Los Angeles lead to death. This rate is higher compared to the national injury rate.

Some very risky intersections in Los Angeles are Devonshire Street & Reseda Boulevard, Imperial Highway & Vista Del Mar, and Balboa Boulevard & Nordhoff Street.

Los Angeles intersection accidents

“Intersections are places with a lot of accident risks. Drivers should be careful and watch their surroundings well to lower accident chances.”

Driver Responsibilities at Los Angeles Intersections

Driving in Los Angeles requires knowing your duties at intersections. Following California’s traffic rules keeps you safe and helps avoid accidents at intersections. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Coming to a Complete Stop: You must stop fully at a red light, before the line, walkway, or at the intersection. This lets other cars and people go first, as the law says.
  2. Green Light Proceed: You can only go at a green light. Make sure it’s safe before you move into the intersection.
  3. Right-Hand Turns: You can turn right on red, unless a sign says you can’t. But, watch for others who have the right of way.

Left-hand turns at intersections are tricky. To make them safer, some Los Angeles cities have left-turn arrows. These arrows guide drivers and reduce crash risks.

California intersection

Rear-end crashes often happen at intersections. They’re caused by not stopping at yellow lights or not paying attention at red ones. These crashes can hurt people and damage things. To avoid them, stay alert and react right to the lights.

Knowing and following the rules at Los Angeles intersections makes the roads safer for everyone. If you don’t, it can lead to serious trouble. Be cautious and respect traffic laws to prevent accidents and be a responsible driver.

Additional Resources:

For more about California’s traffic laws and driving duties, check the California Department of Motor Vehicles site. They have lots of info to help you drive safely in the state.

Intersection Accident Types Preventive Measures
Red light intersection accidents Adhere to traffic signals and come to a complete stop
Left-hand turns at intersections Observe left-turn signal arrows and yield to oncoming traffic
Rear-end crashes at intersections Stay focused, obey traffic signals, and maintain a safe following distance

Common Causes of Intersection Accidents

In Los Angeles, intersection accidents happen for many reasons. Drivers need to know why they occur to avoid them. Here are the main reasons for these crashes:

  1. Not stopping at a red light: A big reason for these accidents is not stopping at red lights. This careless act increases the chance of hitting cars that are crossing.
  2. Speeding to beat a yellow light: Trying to speed through a yellow light is also a cause. This can lead to risky situations and crashes.
  3. Left-hand turns at intersections: Left turns at intersections can be tricky. Problems can arise from poor judgment or not yielding right of way. Failing to check for cars or people can result in accidents.
  4. Rear-end crashes at intersections: Rear-end crashes happen at intersections when drivers don’t pay attention or miss the green light. This lack of focus can lead to serious injuries.
  5. Negligence in intersection accidents: Carelessness is a big factor in these crashes. Drivers who ignore their responsibility can be made to pay for the harm they cause. Breaking traffic rules, like turning left on red, can help victims get compensation.

By understanding these causes, drivers can take steps to avoid accidents. It’s important to follow the rules, drive carefully, and stay alert. This will make intersections safer for everyone.

Los Angeles Traffic Accidents and Legal Assistance

Traffic accidents in Los Angeles often lead to serious injuries. It’s vital to get legal assistance to hold the responsible party accountable. Steinberg Injury Lawyers is a leading law firm in Los Angeles that focuses on traffic accident cases. Their skilled lawyers will guide you and help you win the compensation you need.

It’s important to document the accident well if you’re hurt. This means collecting evidence right away, getting medical attention, and saving all documents and communications with insurance firms. Expert legal help can greatly improve your case’s outcome.

Why Choose Steinberg Injury Lawyers? Expert Legal Advice Documentation in Traffic Accident Claims Negotiating with Insurance Companies
Specialization in Traffic Accident Cases Experienced Attorneys Thoroughly Document Your Case Maximize Your Compensation
Proven Track Record of Success Personalized Guidance Gather Evidence and Relevant Documents Protect Your Legal Rights
Compassionate Approach Strong Advocacy Handle Correspondence with Insurance Companies Ensure Fair Settlements

Choosing Steinberg Injury Lawyers means getting an expert team on your side. They know how to handle traffic accident claims from start to finish. Their expertise, attention to every detail, and dedication to your rights help ensure you get the justice you deserve.


Intersection accidents are a big problem in Los Angeles, often leading to injury or death. It’s very important for drivers to know what they should do at intersections and to follow the rules. This can help prevent accidents.

By stopping at red lights, not trying to speed through yellow lights, and being careful when turning left, drivers can lower the chance of accidents a lot.

If an accident happens, it’s key to get a good lawyer. Firms like Super Attorneys Of Irvine or Steinberg Injury Lawyers have the skills needed to help. They know the law well and have a lot of experience with traffic accident cases.

They can help victims understand the legal process and talk to insurance companies for them. This can be a big help.

After an accident, gathering evidence is very important. Victims should also get medical help and keep all important papers. This helps build a strong case and get the right compensation.

Swift action and choosing a good law firm are key to a good result in traffic accident cases.

If you’re in a traffic accident in Los Angeles, always think of safety first at intersections. Knowing and doing your part as a driver can help avoid accidents. If you’re in an accident, getting help from firms like Super Attorneys Of Irvine or Steinberg Injury Lawyers is a smart move. They can defend your rights and help you get fair treatment.


Why should I seek legal representation for a traffic accident in Los Angeles?

Legal help is vital to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Skilled lawyers can deal with the complex laws and talk with insurers for you.

How can Super Attorneys Of Irvine help with my personal injury case?

Super Attorneys Of Irvine, also called Super Attorneys Near Me, is a leading firm in Los Angeles for personal injury. They’ve won millions for clients over 20 years. Check their site at or call 949-996-9546 for great lawyers and local traffic news.

What are some of the most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles?

Dangerous spots include Devonshire Street & Reseda Boulevard, Imperial Highway & Vista Del Mar, and Balboa Boulevard & Nordhoff Street.

What are the responsibilities of drivers at intersections in Los Angeles?

In California, drivers must stop at red before the line, crosswalk, or corner. They can go on green or if turning right.

What are the common causes of intersection accidents in Los Angeles?

Accidents often happen when drivers ignore red lights, rush through yellows, or make left turns without looking. Not seeing a green light can cause rear-end crashes too.

What can I do to hold the negligent party accountable in a traffic accident case?

Steinberg Injury Lawyers can aid you in holding the careless party responsible. Their skilled attorneys will guide you and help get the compensation you need.

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