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Did you know over 90% of Los Angeles businesses face legal issues during their lifespan?

Small, mid-sized, or big companies encounter problems with starting up, following rules, making contracts, and legal battles. These challenges can decide if a business wins or loses.

The lawyers at Stone & Sallus, Super Attorneys Of Irvine, are here to help. They support Los Angeles businesses with various legal issues.

This firm is famous for focused results and skill in managing business disputes, workplace law, rule following, and starting businesses. They get the complex legal world. Stone & Sallus works closely with their clients for tailored legal advice and help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over 90% of businesses in the Los Angeles area encounter legal issues during their operations.
  • Stone & Sallus, Super Attorneys Of Irvine, provides comprehensive assistance for businesses in the Los Angeles area.
  • Their expertise includes business formation, compliance, litigation, contracts, partnership disputes, and more.
  • Stone & Sallus is experienced in business ownership disputes, employment law, compliance, and business formation.
  • They offer strategic legal planning and personalized assistance to help businesses succeed.

Experienced Business Law Attorneys in Los Angeles

Having an experienced attorney is key in the complex world of Los Angeles business law. Daniel F. Freedman at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell, LLP is a seasoned business law attorney. He knows the complex legal challenges businesses face very well.

Freedman’s expertise includes business litigation, corporate law, and commercial contracts. He can help Los Angeles businesses solve legal disputes, stay compliant, and protect their rights.

Freedman shines in business litigation. He’s a skilled litigator who has won many business disputes. These include breach of contract, partnership issues, and intellectual property cases. He tackles each case with strategy and commitment to get the best results for his clients.

“I believe in the power of proactive legal counsel to help businesses thrive and overcome challenges. My goal is to provide effective and efficient legal representation tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.”

In the field of corporate law, Freedman excels. He helps Los Angeles businesses with corporate governance, compliance, and commercial contracts. Whether it’s advice on mergers or corporate structuring, his broad knowledge offers invaluable guidance.

Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell, LLP, a firm specializing in commercial contract law in California, is recognized for outstanding legal services. Freedman, with his deep understanding of California business law, provides pivotal legal guidance to Los Angeles business owners.

Experience and Expertise

With more than a decade of experience, Freedman has counseled clients on numerous business legal issues. His areas of expertise include:

  • Real estate development: Helping clients navigate through various stages of development projects. This includes zoning, land use entitlements, financing, and regulatory compliance.
  • Commercial contracts: Aiding clients in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts. This helps protect their interests and reduce risks.
  • Renewable energy projects: Offering legal support to those involved in renewable energy efforts, such as solar and wind projects.

Freedman uses his vast experience and deep understanding of business law in Los Angeles to offer strategic legal solutions. His aim is to meet his clients’ unique needs and objectives.

Business Law Attorney Los Angeles

Services Areas of Expertise
Business Litigation Contract Disputes
Corporate Law Mergers and Acquisitions
Commercial Contracts Intellectual Property
Real Estate Law Land Use Entitlements

Comprehensive Business Legal Services in Los Angeles

Boyd Law is known for providing comprehensive business legal services in Los Angeles. They help individuals and businesses with various civil law areas. This includes business and commercial law, banking, real estate, bankruptcy, probate, and estate planning. They serve a broad array of clients, from small businesses to big corporations, offering tailored services. Their experienced team has what it takes to reach their clients’ business goals.

If you’re a small business owner needing legal advice, a real estate developer looking for commercial transactions guidance, or a corporate executive in need of help with securities law, Boyd Law can help. They know the ins and outs of small business legal services in LA and work hard to provide solutions that fit you.

“At Boyd Law, we know each business is unique. We make time to get the details on what our clients want and need. Our dedication to personal service is what makes us different. We give outstanding legal help to every client we serve.”

– John Davis, Senior Partner at Boyd Law

Areas of Expertise

Boyd Law has a wide skill set to help their clients’ varied needs. They are experts in:

  1. Business and Commercial Law – They assist with contracts, partnership agreements, disputes, and more.
  2. Banking and Finance – They give advice on loans and follow banking rules.
  3. Real Estate – They deal with real estate deals, leasing, and disputes.
  4. Bankruptcy and Insolvency – They help with bankruptcy and reorganizing debt.
  5. Probate and Estate Planning – They help with wills, trusts, and protecting assets.
  6. Securities Law – They guide on regulations, offerings, and securities cases.

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Los Angeles

Client Testimonials

Our clients’ words speak volumes. Hear from them:

“Boyd Law goes the extra mile for their clients. Their detail-oriented, quick, and skilled approach has been key in solving complex legal problems for our business.”

– Sarah Thompson, CEO of Thompson Enterprises

“I can’t recommend Boyd Law enough for their top-notch legal services. They are smart, professional, and focused on getting the best results for their clients.”

– Michael Johnson, Owner of Johnson Realty

Keep in mind, these testimonials are personal views and not every client may have the same experience.

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Tailored Business Solutions in Los Angeles

Looking for the right business solutions in Los Angeles? Super Attorneys Near Me knows that every company is unique. They customize their services for your business, whether it’s big or small. They serve industries like healthcare, technology, and finance with their vast expertise.

Super Attorneys Near Me believes in a personal touch. They aim to build strong bonds, understand your goals, and guide you legally. They are experts in business law, covering contracts, compliance, intellectual property, and beyond.

They excel in handling contracts, making sure they’re solid and reflect your business goals. Staying current on legal trends, they offer innovative and affordable advice. This helps your business stay competitive.

Dealing with regulatory compliance? Super Attorneys Near Me has your back. They navigate the maze of laws to keep your business compliant and fine-free. Their forward-thinking approach minimizes risks and safeguards your reputation.

Super Attorneys Near Me knows informed decisions are key to business success. They give detailed legal advice, backed by thorough research. Working closely with you, they craft strategies to move your business ahead.

“Super Attorneys Near Me truly understands the needs of businesses in Los Angeles. Their tailored solutions and personalized approach have been instrumental in the success of our company.”

– Happy Client

Proud to Serve Los Angeles Businesses

Super Attorneys Near Me serves Los Angeles’s companies with pride. They’re deeply rooted in the local business scene and known for their excellence. Their dedication to client satisfaction makes them stand out.

Contact Location Website
Super Attorneys Near Me Los Angeles, CA

For solutions tailored to Los Angeles’s complex legal landscape, turn to Super Attorneys Near Me. They’re equipped to boost your business’s success. Reach out to set up a consultation and see what they can do for you.

Ensuring Business Compliance and Success

Compliance is key for any successful business. It’s about making sure your company follows the law and meets all rules. Stone & Sallus and Boyd Law help businesses stay on track and reach their goals.

Stone & Sallus focuses on helping Los Angeles businesses with compliance. They meet with companies to find ways to improve and be more efficient. This proactive approach helps companies avoid legal issues and risks.

Boyd Law acts as a reliable partner for businesses. They help with contracts, reviews, and negotiations. Their comprehensive legal support ensures companies meet all laws and rules, protecting their interests.

The Importance of Business Compliance

Following compliance rules is crucial. It builds trust with customers, investors, and partners. Businesses seen as ethical and lawful attract more opportunities.

Compliance also protects companies from legal troubles and fines. Staying compliant keeps operations smooth.

Finally, compliance leads to transparency and accountability. It helps businesses keep good records, control processes, and improve. This continuous monitoring lets companies adjust to new rules and grow.

Compliance is complex but essential. Stone & Sallus and Boyd Law offer expert legal services to help. Their expertise ensures your business follows the law and thrives.

Key Aspects of Business Compliance

Aspects Description
Legal and Regulatory Compliance Ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and industry-specific requirements.
Corporate Governance Establishing effective internal controls, ethical standards, and reporting mechanisms.
Data Privacy and Security Protecting sensitive customer data and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
Environmental Compliance Addressing environmental regulations and implementing sustainable practices.
Employment Law Compliance Adhering to labor laws and regulations to protect employees’ rights and promote fair employment practices.
Financial Compliance Complying with accounting and financial reporting standards to maintain accuracy and transparency.

By focusing on these key areas, companies can ensure success and avoid risks. Stone & Sallus and Boyd Law have the skills to help businesses with compliance. They support long-term success in the evolving business world.

In the next section, we’ll finish our look at the top business law attorneys in Los Angeles. We’ll examine the value they bring to local businesses.


In the Los Angeles area, dealing with business law is very important. You need attorneys who are both skilled and trustworthy by your side. They can help with setting up a business, keeping it in line with laws, lawsuits, or any other legal issue. The teams at Stone & Sallus, Super Attorneys Of Irvine, and Boyd Law know how hard legal tasks can be. They’re committed to helping you meet your business objectives.

These top law firms in Orange County CA have a deep understanding of business law. They offer dependable legal services to help your business thrive. They really care about their clients and work hard to provide help that meets your unique needs. Whether you own a small company or run a large corporation, you can be sure these lawyers have your best interest at heart.

If you’re looking for legal support in the Los Angeles area, don’t wait to get in touch with Stone & Sallus, Super Attorneys Of Irvine, or Boyd Law. Their experienced attorneys are ready to help you with dedication and honesty. With their support, you can deal with legal challenges easily and keep your focus on growing your business.


What types of business legal matters do the business lawyers at Stone & Sallus handle?

At Stone & Sallus, the lawyers work with many business legal issues. They help with starting a business, following laws, handling lawsuits, making contracts, and solving partnership problems.

What areas of business law does Daniel F. Freedman specialize in?

Daniel F. Freedman focuses on complex business law. He deals with real estate development, making sure land use follows zoning laws, and adhering to local, state, and federal rules.

What services does Boyd Law provide to businesses?

Boyd Law offers a wide range of legal services. They help with business and commercial law, banking, real estate, handling bankruptcy, and planning for the future of your estate.

What does Super Attorneys Of Irvine offer to businesses in Los Angeles?

Super Attorneys Of Irvine provides custom business solutions. They offer help with making contracts, reviewing them, and giving advice on different areas of business law.

How do Stone & Sallus and Boyd Law prioritize business compliance?

Stone & Sallus makes sure businesses follow rules by having one-on-one meetings. They look for ways to work better. Boyd Law acts as a general business lawyer and helps with contracts to make sure businesses comply with laws.

How can the business lawyers in Los Angeles help with business legal matters?

Business lawyers in Los Angeles offer support for various legal issues. They help with starting a business, ensuring it follows laws, handling lawsuits, and more. They are skilled in dealing with legal challenges to help your business succeed.

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