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Did you know La Habra, California, audits its federally assisted grant programs? They did this for the year ending June 30, 2022. It shows the city’s dedication to being open and responsible with public money. But there’s more! The city has goals for public safety, handling money wisely, keeping the city in good shape, hiring and training staff, and helping businesses grow. These efforts touch on many parts of city life. They aim to improve the community’s health and happiness. All while sticking to the rules and offering top-notch services.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The City of La Habra conducts a single audit of federally assisted grant programs to ensure transparency and accountability in managing public funds.
  • La Habra has set goals and objectives for public safety, fiscal management, infrastructure maintenance, employee recruitment and training, and development activity and business assistance.
  • These initiatives aim to promote the well-being of the community, enhance services, and ensure compliance with regulations.
  • La Habra’s commitment to ethical and compliant operations contributes to the overall prosperity and safety of the city.
  • By focusing on these key areas, La Habra strives to create a safe, prosperous, and thriving community for its residents and businesses.

Protection of Public Safety

The La Habra City Council works hard to keep its residents safe. It has set goals to make sure everyone feels secure. These goals aim to improve how quickly help arrives in emergencies and make the community safer.

Maintaining Priority Response Times

One major goal is to ensure fast response times for emergency calls. The La Habra Police Department makes this happen by using resources wisely. They want to reach people quickly during emergencies to help them.

Implementing Community-Oriented Policing Strategies

The La Habra Police Department believes in building trust with the community. They work closely with people to make the neighborhood safer. This approach helps everyone work together to prevent crime.

Conducting Anti-Graffiti Efforts

Graffiti can hurt the community’s feeling of safety and looks. La Habra fights against graffiti to keep the city looking good. They use education, enforcement, and help from local groups to stop graffiti.

Enhancing Emergency Response Training

Being ready for emergencies is vital for community safety. La Habra Police train hard to respond well in tough situations. This training keeps officers ready to protect the community at all times.

Promoting Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

Keeping roads and sidewalks safe is important to La Habra. They focus on making sure drivers and pedestrians are safe. The city uses efforts like better crosswalks and traffic rules to prevent accidents.

Implementing Effective Public Safety Communication

Good communication helps keep everyone safe. La Habra Police use social media, forums, and neighborhood watches to talk to residents. This way, people stay informed and can help keep their area safe.

Promoting the La Habra Police Volunteer Program

The volunteer program is key to La Habra’s safety. Volunteers do many helpful things, like help at events and keep an eye on the streets. The city encourages more people to join and make a difference.

Enhancing Crime Analysis

Understanding crime patterns helps the police work better. La Habra Police strengthen their crime analysis work with the latest tools. This helps them to stop crime more effectively.

Investing in Health and Wellness Training

The health of the police force matters a lot. La Habra invests in programs to keep officers in top shape mentally and physically. This helps them do their best in protecting the community.

Public Safety

Goals Objectives
Maintaining Priority Response Times Ensure “Priority 1” and “Priority 2” response times for emergency services
Community-Oriented Policing Implement strategies that foster positive relationships between law enforcement officers and the community
Anti-Graffiti Efforts Conduct proactive measures to combat graffiti and maintain a clean environment
Emergency Response Training Provide ongoing training to equip personnel with the necessary skills for effective emergency response
Traffic and Pedestrian Safety Promote road safety through enforcement, awareness campaigns, and infrastructure improvements
Public Safety Communication Implement effective communication methods to keep residents informed and engaged
La Habra Police Volunteer Program Promote community involvement in public safety efforts through volunteer programs
Crime Analysis Enhance capabilities in analyzing crime data to inform proactive policing strategies
Health and Wellness Training Invest in programs that prioritize the well-being of law enforcement personnel

Management of Public Revenues and Fiscal Assets

The City of La Habra focuses on managing public money and assets well. Its goal is to make sure finances are stable over a long time. This helps in making good use of public money.

Revenue Monitoring and Expenditure Review

La Habra makes it a point to keep a close eye on its income and spending. This practice ensures money is spent wisely, bringing about financial stability. The city also looks closely at its services to improve and save money.

Funding Opportunities and Grant Funding

La Habra looks for chances to get more funding, especially for big projects. By going after grants, the city can gather more money. This supports the building of new things and starts helpful programs for everyone.

Financial Management System and Internal Audit Program

The city is working on improving how it oversees its finances. A new system will make handling money easier and more accurate. At the same time, a program to check on financial processes makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Asset Management and Cost Allocation Plan

Looking after its assets well is key for La Habra. Managing assets wisely helps in keeping everything in good shape and ensures money is spent right. Also, updating how costs are figured out makes sure money is shared fairly.

User Fee Study

La Habra studies fees to keep them fair and in line with costs. This helps balance offering quality services and keeping the city’s finances healthy.

La Habra always checks on how it handles money, looks for extra funding, and updates its systems. By keeping a tight ship, the city aims to keep providing great services. This helps everyone in the community.

Fiscal Stability

Maintenance and Improvement of City Infrastructure

The City of La Habra works hard to keep and make its city infrastructure better. This ensures the community is safe, functional, and sustainable. They set goals to manage and grow the city’s infrastructure properly.

Ensuring Security

The city boosts the security of crucial city-owned places. It uses new tech and surveillance. These steps protect vital infrastructure.

Facility Maintenance

La Habra takes care of its buildings and facilities. This creates a safe and welcoming space for everyone. They do regular checks and fixes to keep facilities in top shape.

Street and Sidewalk Maintenance

Maintaining streets and sidewalks is key in La Habra. This keeps travel safe and smooth for everyone. Regular work is done to keep the city’s pathways in good condition.

Sewer and Water Pipeline Maintenance

La Habra keeps its sewer and water lines running well. Inspections, fixes, and cleaning help avoid problems. This work stops service issues and protects the environment.

Recreational Trail Development

La Habra values outdoor activity spaces. The city aims to create and maintain great trails for everyone. These trails are for people of all ages and skills.

Traffic Signal System and Pedestrian Safety

Updating traffic signals and safeguarding pedestrians are La Habra’s focus areas. The city uses smart tech for better traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Emergency Preparedness

La Habra works to be ready for emergencies. It educates the community and practices drills. This keeps emergency teams prepared for any situation.

Refuse and Recycling Services

Handling waste efficiently is important in La Habra. The city offers trash and recycling services. This reduces environmental impact through recycling and education.

Solar Power and Sustainability

La Habra is looking into solar power for a greener future. Adopting solar systems aims to lower carbon footprints and encourage clean energy.

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance

The city’s vehicles are essential for delivering services. By maintaining them well, La Habra ensures services continue smoothly. Proactive maintenance reduces delays in service provision.


The City of La Habra has clear goals to improve community well-being. These goals focus on public safety, money management, and better roads and buildings. The city is working hard to follow rules, improve services, and get people involved.

La Habra wants to build a safe and thriving community. It’s working on better safety, managing money wisely, and improving infrastructure. The city also focuses on hiring skilled workers and supporting growth projects. These efforts aim to make La Habra a better place to live.

The city makes sure all its services meet top standards. La Habra keeps checking and making its services better. This helps improve life for people and businesses here.

Getting the community involved is key to La Habra’s success. The city listens to its residents’ ideas and needs. This helps make decisions that benefit everyone. It also builds trust and pride in the community.


What are the goals and objectives for the protection of public safety in La Habra?

La Habra aims to keep emergency response times quick for “Priority 1” and “Priority 2” calls. They plan to use community policing and want a full team in their Police Department. They’re fighting graffiti, training staff for emergencies, and working on better emergency plans.They also focus on making traffic and walking safer. They want to use good communication and support the Police Volunteer Program. Lastly, they are improving how they analyze crime in the area.

What are the goals and objectives for the management of public revenues and fiscal assets in La Habra?

La Habra keeps a close eye on money coming in and going out for stable finances. They check programs for cost effectiveness and look for capital improvement funds. They’re improving their financial systems and starting an audit program.They also aim to get more grant funding and manage their assets well. They update financial plans and meet reporting needs.

What are the goals and objectives for the maintenance and improvement of city infrastructure in La Habra?

La Habra wants to keep city sites safe and keep buildings and streets in top shape. They maintain water systems and are planning new recreational trails. They’re upgrading traffic signals and focus on safety.They promote emergency readiness, improve refuse services, and consider solar power. They also maintain city vehicles well.

What are the goals and objectives of the City of La Habra?

La Habra’s goals cover public safety, managing money, improving infrastructure, staff training, and city development. They aim to make the community better, follow rules, upgrade services, engage residents, and excel in operations.

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