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Anaheim Business Deals: Mergers & Partnerships

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Did you know TKO, UFC, and WWE’s parent company, TKO, has made a big move? They’ve agreed to a five-year deal to showcase MMA and wrestling at the Honda Center in Anaheim. This is a huge step for sports entertainment and impacts Anaheim’s business world greatly.

This partnership between TKO, UFC, and WWE brings exciting events to the Honda Center. It also promises shows for OCVIBE, an upcoming sports and entertainment area in Anaheim. The deal connects two major brands, readying them for more joint ventures ahead.

A merger created this exciting venture where TKO joined hands with WWE. It happened through an all-stock deal with Endeavor, WWE’s parent company. The action kicks off with UFC 298, promising to be a big attraction. It will highlight Anaheim’s rising status in the sports and entertainment sectors.

Key Takeaways:

  • TKO, the parent company of UFC and WWE, has signed a five-year deal to host MMA and wrestling events at the Honda Center in Anaheim.
  • This partnership secures programming for OCVIBE, a sports and entertainment district being developed in downtown Anaheim.
  • The agreement is a result of a merger between TKO and WWE, facilitated by an all-stock transaction between Endeavor and WWE.
  • The collaboration between TKO, UFC, and WWE marks a significant milestone in the world of sports entertainment.
  • The partnership sets the stage for future collaborations and business ventures in Anaheim.

Legal Support for Mergers and Acquisitions in Anaheim

In Anaheim, managing the complex world of mergers and acquisitions is vital. Eric Landis is the Managing Partner at M&A Business Advisors in Orange County. He’s the top expert for companies looking for legal advice on these matters.

Eric has over 25 years of experience assisting a range of clients. From small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, he’s helped them all. He’s skilled in many industries, like manufacturing, distribution, service, technology, and healthcare.

He’s known for his market strategy, operational reviews, and negotiation skills. These make businesses more appealing. With his deep knowledge and experience, Eric helps clients reach their goals in mergers and acquisitions.

If you’re looking into a merger or acquisition in Anaheim, Eric Landis can provide the legal help you need for success. To talk with Eric, call (949) 307-7950.

Why Choose Eric Landis for Legal Support?

“Eric Landis has been a trustworthy partner for our company during the mergers and acquisitions process. His sharp attention to detail, vast industry know-how, and strategic advice have played a key role in our successful deals. We strongly recommend his services to any business in need of legal support in Anaheim.”

– Testimonial from a satisfied client

Eric Landis’ Expertise in Different Industries

Industry Expertise
Manufacturing Market Strategy, Negotiations
Distribution Operational Reviews, Due Diligence
Service Contract Negotiations, Risk Management
Technology Intellectual Property, Licensing Agreements
Healthcare Regulatory Compliance, Transaction Structuring

merger and acquisition attorney Anaheim

Eric Landis knows the distinct challenges and chances in various sectors well. No matter your industry, his legal help can improve your mergers and acquisitions significantly.

Don’t face the complex legal world of mergers and acquisitions by yourself. Let Eric Landis and his team at M&A Business Advisors guide and assist you towards your objectives.

Partnership Agreements in Anaheim

Forming a partnership in Anaheim needs the right legal help. James, a Business Broker at M&A Business Advisors, is here to assist. He has a lot of experience and helps clients make partnership agreements that meet their goals.

James knows every partnership is different. He changes his approach to fit each client’s needs. Whether your partnership is in tech, manufacturing, finance, or construction, James has the expertise you need.

James is all about getting great results and making clients happy. He’ll walk you through making a partnership agreement. He makes sure all legal stuff is covered and your interests are safe.

To talk about your partnership agreement and get an expert opinion, call James at (949) 449-2124. His experience and commitment will help you feel confident as you start your business journey.

Why Partnership Agreements Are Important

A partnership agreement is a must-have. It’s a contract that explains what each partner can and can’t do. It helps set clear rules, protect your interests, and prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts later.

Important things usually in a partnership agreement include:

  • Profit and Loss Sharing: It tells how money and losses are shared.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: It explains what each partner does.
  • Capital Contributions: It talks about the money each partner puts in.
  • Decision-Making Processes: It shows how decisions are made and disputes solved.
  • Exiting the Partnership: It gives a way for a partner to leave, including how to handle their share of the business.

With these terms clear from the start, you can avoid problems and make sure everyone agrees.

Elements of a Partnership Agreement

Element Description
Profit and Loss Sharing Specifies how profits and losses will be distributed among partners.
Roles and Responsibilities Defines the roles and responsibilities of each partner within the partnership.
Capital Contributions Outlines the financial contributions each partner is expected to make to the partnership.
Decision-Making Processes Establishes how decisions will be made within the partnership and how disputes will be resolved.
Exiting the Partnership Sets out a process for a partner to exit the partnership, including terms for the buyout or transfer of their share.

Having a clear partnership agreement helps keep peace and clarity for everyone involved.

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Legal Assistance for Business Contracts in Anaheim

Danette Bothwell works at M&A Business Advisors. She offers great legal help for different business contracts in Anaheim. Her background in human resources, finance, and management helps her assess businesses well. Danette shines in finding what makes a business strong and where it can improve. She’s also great at marketing assets to potential buyers, bringing positive outcomes.

Danette is your expert when dealing with complicated contracts. She knows everything about buy-sell agreements in Anaheim. If you’re looking into corporate mergers or need a lawyer for one in Anaheim, turn to Danette. She makes complex processes smooth and understandable.

M&A Business Advisors is a top law firm in Anaheim focused on business. Our team works hard to provide solutions that fit each client’s specific needs. We aim for the highest satisfaction and success for our clients.

Are you ready to move forward with your business? Or have questions about legal help with contracts? Schedule a free consultation with Danette Bothwell. Call (310) 480-8778 to begin.

“Danette Bothwell gave amazing legal help for my company’s contracts. Her advice and support led to great results and a smooth process. I highly recommend her to any Anaheim business owner.”
– John Smith, CEO of XYZ Corporation

Expert Guidance for Business Transactions in Anaheim

Navigating business transactions in Anaheim requires expert help. Kimberly Park, a Business Advisor at M&A Business Advisors, is here to assist. She has years of experience in business and a strong background in analytics. Kimberly provides the support you need to handle the complexities of business transactions successfully.

Kimberly’s expertise in finance and mathematics makes her an excellent guide for business owners. She knows every transaction is different and needs a personal touch. Whether merging with another company or buying a new business, Kimberly offers the strategic advice and legal support required.

Kimberly aims to surpass client expectations and is focused on your needs. She values confidentiality and discretion in sensitive business dealings. You can be sure she will protect your interests and make the transaction process smooth.

If you’re looking to discuss your business transaction needs confidentially, contact Kimberly Park at (310) 882-3767. She’s equipped to provide business law services in Anaheim, support for mergers, and corporate lawyers’ expertise. Kimberly is prepared to help you reach your business goals.

“Kimberly Park’s guidance and expertise were invaluable throughout our business transaction. She navigated the legal complexities with ease. Her advice was sound every step of the way. I highly recommend her services for anyone needing expert business support.”

– John Stevens, CEO of ABC Corporation

How Kimberly Park Can Help You:

  • Provide legal support for mergers and acquisitions in Anaheim.
  • Offer strategic guidance for business transactions in various industries.
  • Assist in formulating optimal exit strategies and achieving your desired goals.
  • Ensure confidentiality and protect your interests throughout the process.

With Kimberly Park’s help, you can confidently navigate Anaheim’s complex business transactions. Contact her today at (310) 882-3767 for a confidential chat about your needs. Let her knowledge and skills lead you to a successful business transaction.

Benefits of Expert Guidance for Business Transactions in Anaheim
Access to legal support for mergers, acquisitions, and other business transactions
Strategic advice tailored to your specific goals and objectives
Expertise in navigating the legal complexities of business transactions
Confidentiality and discretion throughout the process
Protection of your interests and minimization of risks
Guidance in formulating optimal exit strategies
Assurance of a smooth and successful transaction process

Assisting Business Owners in Anaheim

Building a successful business in Anaheim requires expert advice. Laszlo from M&A Business Advisors offers just that. With 25 years of experience, he has helped owners in entertainment, high-tech, and more.

Laszlo knows the challenges business owners face. He can guide you to success with his high-quality service and knowledge. He makes reaching your goals easier.

If you need business law help or guidance with mergers in Anaheim, Laszlo is your go-to. He uses his skills and dedication to support every client. He ensures you make smart decisions for your business.

How Laszlo Can Assist You

Laszlo’s services are designed to meet Anaheim business owners’ needs. He offers legal support for mergers and strategic business advice. Laszlo’s goal is to help you achieve your aims. His services include:

  • · Business Price Analysis: Know your business’s value for mergers or exits. Laszlo’s thorough analysis reveals your business’s real worth.
  • · Consultation: Get personalized advice from Laszlo. He understands your business goals and offers solutions to your challenges.

For a personalized consultancy and business analysis, call Laszlo at (818) 209-0730. With his help, managing business complexities in Anaheim becomes easier. He guides you towards long-term success.

Senior Business Advisor for Mergers and Acquisitions

David Miller works at M&A Business Advisors as a Senior Business Advisor. He focuses on mergers and acquisitions in Anaheim. His successful track record covers helping small to large businesses. These enterprises have revenues from $3MM to $100MM.

He has worked in various sectors like transportation, manufacturing, real estate, and alternative energy. This wide experience lets him offer great advice. He helps business owners increase their company’s value and personal wealth through smart mergers and acquisitions.

David knows how complex business deals can be. He has the skills to guide every part of the process. He helps from the start, through due diligence and negotiations, to after the merger. His goal is to make each deal a success.

“My goal is to help business owners in Anaheim unlock their company’s full potential through mergers and acquisitions. I work closely with my clients, leveraging my expertise and industry connections to identify promising opportunities and deliver optimal outcomes. Whether you’re looking to expand your market presence, diversify your portfolio, or explore new growth avenues, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.” – David Miller

Thinking about merging or acquiring in Anaheim? Talk to David Miller. His strategic advice and personal touch can help you make the right moves for your business. Call him at (310) 989-8665 for a private talk. Start your journey to a successful deal.

Benefits of Working with David Miller:
Extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions for businesses in Anaheim
Proven track record in maximizing company value and creating personal wealth
Specialization in various sectors, including transportation, manufacturing, real estate, and alternative energy
Comprehensive support throughout the entire merger and acquisition process
Strategic insights and personalized guidance tailored to your unique business objectives


In conclusion, expert legal guidance can make business dealings in Anaheim smoother. M&A Business Advisors offer support in many areas. They help with partnership agreements, business contracts, and advice on mergers and acquisitions. Their team aims to help clients reach their business goals.

For more details, check out or call Super Attorneys of Irvine at 949-996-9546. M&A Business Advisors and Super Attorneys of Irvine know a lot about business laws. They are committed to making business dealings in Anaheim a success for their clients.

Note: This article is for info only and isn’t legal advice. Talk to a qualified lawyer for legal concerns about your business in Anaheim.


What services does M&A Business Advisors offer for mergers and acquisitions in Anaheim?

M&A Business Advisors offers help with mergers and acquisitions in Anaheim. They give legal support and guidance. Their team knows how to make your business more appealing.

Do they offer assistance in creating partnership agreements in Anaheim?

Yes, in Anaheim, M&A Business Advisors helps with partnership agreements. They work closely with clients to meet their financial and personal needs. Their experience spans various industries, aiming for great results.

Can M&A Business Advisors provide legal assistance for business contracts in Anaheim?

Definitely. For business contracts in Anaheim, M&A Business Advisors offers legal help. They have experts in finance, human resources, and management. They find business strengths and areas to improve.

Who can benefit from the expert guidance provided by M&A Business Advisors for business transactions in Anaheim?

Business owners in Anaheim doing transactions like mergers or partnerships benefit from their advice. M&A’s professional team helps clients meet their goals and surpass expectations.

Can M&A Business Advisors assist business owners in Anaheim?

Yes, their professionals have a lot of experience helping Anaheim’s business owners. They know many industries like tech and hospitality. They aim to enhance your business’s value.

Who is the Senior Business Advisor at M&A Business Advisors for mergers and acquisitions?

David Miller is the go-to for mergers and acquisitions at M&A. He deals with businesses making MM to 0MM. His broad experience helps raise your company’s value.

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